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From small to midsize companies as well as marketing firms & ad agencies:

Areas of Expertise include Automotive, B2B, Cellular Phones, Creative Boutiques, Fast Food, Financial, Home Building and Maintenance, Home Interiors, Hospitality, Mature Market, Non-Profit, Packaged Goods, Retail, Tax Services, and Travel and Leisure.

Case Studies

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Zounds Hearing is a manufacturer and retail company of hearing aids. They were in need of building their brand and line of hearing aid products. Additionally, the goal was to generate local traffic to their 30+ retail centers throughout the U.S. and reduce the overall cost-per-acquisition. The target audience was the Mature Market, Adults 65+ with a secondary emphasis on their caregivers and influencers, primarily Boomer age children.


An analysis was conducted to measure the top media choices of prospects within a 10 to 15 mile radius of each Zounds center. A combination of major daily and community newspapers plus community publications targeting nearby active adult residences were utilized as the primary media. Quarter page, b/w and 2 color ads ran weekly in the major dailies. Full & Half page, 4c ads ran in the community publications and magazines.

Additionally, a highly targeted spot television schedule was developed to launch the annual campaign utilizing local cable networks, game shows and the Noon News to maximize the budget. The call to action was to schedule an appointment at the neighborhood Zounds hearing centers.


Local Zounds hearing centers saw an increase in booked appointments, the company opened 5 new facilities and reduced their overall cost-per-acquisition for their hearing aid products by over $200 per acquisition due to the success of the local marketing campaigns.

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