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From small to midsize companies as well as marketing firms & ad agencies:

Areas of Expertise include Automotive, B2B, Cellular Phones, Creative Boutiques, Fast Food, Financial, Home Building and Maintenance, Home Interiors, Hospitality, Mature Market, Non-Profit, Packaged Goods, Retail, Tax Services, and Travel and Leisure.

Case Studies

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The Arthritis Foundation needed to develop a national program targeting Women 30+ with Rheumatoid Arthritis, their families and their caregivers. The goal was to generate orders for “Let’s Talk RA” communication kits in order to better educate the patients.


National magazines were recommended as the media of choice. The titles utilized were selected based on their ability to deliver the target audience, editorial compatibility, rate negotiations and added value.

The campaign included a Full Page, 4c ad and a BRC (Business Reply Card). Readers were asked to visit the Arthritis Foundation’s website, call the 800# or mail in the BRC in order to receive a Communication Kit and to measure the campaign’s performance.


Since the campaign’s inception in 2008, print ad response has grown more than 12% despite economic downturn and a flat budget. The percent of respondents who “opted in” for more information from the sponsors has also grown each year.

The Arthritis Foundation has been able to increase awareness of the disease, educate its sufferers, generate interest in learning more from those who treat the disease … all for less than $30 per inquiry.

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